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Magical paintings by Graciela Bello.


“Graciela Bello… takes the liberty of playing with the pure fairy tale, the world of childhood and dreams, and transfers them to the canvas in a return to innocence.

Graciela Bello -Over the trees

Graciela Bello- A dream in the forest

Graciela Bello- The noctambulant

Graciela Bello-The magicianGraciela Bello -Rainbow man

Mastering a refined technique and firm determination in terms of what she wants to depict, she wraps us in a universe where anything is possible. However, in its apparent naivety, such universe knows how to be carping.
Her paintings were shaped with the delicate brushstroke of an artist who still has the ability to dream.”

(Yolanda Guerrero Otero – Queensborough Community College, University of New York -Latin American Encyclopedia of Contemporary Painters, 2004)

Enjoy the video!