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We Make Butterfly Sculptures That Will Introduce Some Magic Into Your Home

We are Živa & Saša, the creative duo behind Dorimu – a brand which demonstrates that stylish and minimalist decorative pieces can also possess heart and charm.

Driftwood Sculpture with Butterflies

Three beautiful Butterflies sitting on a Driftwood Sculpture

With the Dorimu Butterfly Sculptures we give everyone the chance to co-design their sculpture according to their wishes. The first component of the sculpture is a piece of driftwood, solid but light and in muted earth tones, which intertwines with the dynamic and colorful component, represented by whimsical, delicate butterflies.

Three Butterflies sitting on Driftwood

A special piece of Driftwood with three Butterflies


Turquoise Butterfly on Driftwood

A small turquoise butterfly sitting on top of a Driftwood Sculpture


Butterflies sitting on Driftwood

An orange, a yellow and a pale pink Butterfly sitting on a Driftwood

You can rearrange the butterflies on your sculpture as you wish and buy additional ones to put on your wall or on any magnetic surface and create your individual Wall Art. Dorimu Butterflies are made of paperclay, coloured with pastels and water-colours and sealed with varnish.

Big pale pink Butterfly

Big pale pink Butterfly sitting on a Driftwood Sculpture


Orange Butterfly on Driftwood

A big orange sitting Butterfly on Driftwood

Curious, how Dorimu Butterfly Sculptures are being created and how you can co-design them according to your wishes? Watch the video below:


Our aim is to create beauty so whimsical and pure that you simply have to LET IT IN. Into your home. Into your life. Into your heart.

Butterfly sitting on hand

Two beautiful Dorimu Butterflies sitting on a hand


Butterfly Wall Art Decor

Create your individual Butterfly Wall Art

Please visit dorimu.com and step into the whimsical World of Fairies, Dandelions and Butterflies.