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” Ma’liCiouZ is a multi-disciplinary artist of Haitian origin born in Montreal.

She affirms in her art her identity which she builds positively by showing the strengths of her people rather than contestation and the wounds of history. Her works are tinged with tribal aesthetics and various references to Black myths that she adapts to the contemporary times. ”

~ MAMA’S GUN ~ 2015
Mama's Gun, 2015, Maliciouz, crédit photo KevinCalixte

photo credit The Kevin Calixte

Mama’s Gun represents the state of mind of a Black or immigrant woman who leads a triple struggle within her host society; for full respect of her whole person, meaning respect of her body which does not have to be sexualized when bare naked. For her child’s protection in a day and age where there’s little room for innocence. For the survival of the cultural heritage she leaves. In our so-called civilized societies, in a so-called modern era, the feeling of walking into a concrete jungle is yet current. Therefore, the spirit of defence naturally becomes a necessity.


Mama's Gun, 2015, Maliciouz, crédit photo KevinCalixte

Mama’s Gun, 2015, Maliciouz  / photo credit: The Kevin Calixte

Making of the Mother Nature ural at the Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal,C.A.
MaliCiouZ , creation of the murale at the Fresh Paint Gallery. Photo credit: Jessica Valoisephoto credit : Jessica Valoise


MALICIOUZ’s Mural at the Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal, december 2015

graff 1 2015 Maliciouz, photo credit Hervé Leblay

Maliciouz, 2015, photo credit Hervé Leblay

5 - Ma'liCiouZ_2015,The Heiress, acrylic on canva 24x48 inches

Ma’liCiouZ_2015, The Heiress, acrylic on canva 24×48 inches

Maliciouz,freestyle tribal,technique mixte sur toile 18x48po 72dpiwww.MALICIOUZ.com