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Man is no longer relevant | Ema Lančaričová

Man is no longer relevant | Ema Lančaričová.

In project called Man is no longer relevant I’m trying to mediate personal approach to the topic  anatomy of the soul. I personalize my thinking by photographing people in the foreign space of abandoned industrial buildings. I relate from a personal reflection of the nature of human existence as an individual who is placed in this world without his own choice of place, time, or at least of his own name, which, paradoxically, is the only thing left of us. I try to replicate this act by manipulating the selected person into an unknown environment of the selected building at a certain time. I observe how chosen person left to himself is settled and lived with space by his intuition. The abandoned industrial buildings are symbolically meaningful, with reference to the industrial revolution, which led to the world’s pre-technologicalization and the estrangement from each other. Nowadays, the almost forgotten, overwhelmed buildings have formed a functional personalized mechanism in the past. What reamins is the skeleton, the dilapidated structure. The disintegration process seems unnoticable for decades, but with more intensive contact with the disappearing building, there is a sudden realisation of reality. When a person finds himself excited, he experiences a strange feeling, but culminating in the awareness of his finality and the consequent sense of anxiety, worrying about his own existence, he omits the loneliness of the moment of death. This feeling is what I’m trying to capture on my photos as well as the buildings themself. The photo is possibility of preserving and I believe it has power to hit people. Just as I disturb the “eternal peace” of these buildings with a certain person, I want my photo to disturb the perception of the viewer. The viewer slows down, maybe stops and maybe even sees something more than just colour printed out on the photopaper.

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Man is no longer relevant | Ema Lančaričová