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Man Vs. Nature – Who will wear the crown?

Man Vs. Nature – Who will wear the crown?

"We're not in Kansas anymore.".Man Vs. Nature - Who will wear the crown?

“Not In Kansas” by Tamara Lee Madden

A faded window frame reveals a frightening weather phenomenon. Nature should be revered, not just feared. When nature touches us, it’s not always pleasant. If only it were as easy to edit our own lives as it is to conjure images.


Mortality, ever looms.Man Vs. Nature - Who will wear the crown?

‘Mortality Looms’ by Tamara Lee Madden

‘Mortality Looms’ is about death and loss. When we suffer a loss, all we can do is rebuild our fragile world back up again. Until then, we try our best to avoid our own mortality. It’s a grand denial we must buy into.


Impending doom on election day, 2016.Man Vs. Nature - Who will wear the crown?

Election Day by Tamara Lee Madden

‘Election Day’ is imagining what the apocalypse might look like. It’s a reflection of the culmination of negativity largely driven by social media.


Has the sun set on corporate America?Man Vs. Nature - Who will wear the crown?

‘Corporate Sunset’ by Tamara Lee Madden

This image is a way of making reality a little brighter. You can dread going into work everyday or find a way to make it better.


Looking down, what do you see?

‘Pavement, Sky and Earth’ by Tamara Lee Madden

‘Pavement, Sky and Earth’ includes an aerial image, looking down at the American landscape. It also combines leaves that have fallen on pavement in autumn. In this image, the manmade seems to take precedence but the colors are more inspired by nature (earth and water elements). There is a quality of printmaking to this piece; squeegeed vertical lines and inky textures. Nature comes through in the edges of the leaves, so intricate and delicate. Man’s influence is more rough and rugged.