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Mar Vázquez-Roy. Creative sculptures.

Mar Vázquez-Roy is a copywriter who has worked in Ads Agencies for 15 years. Her experience in the creative world of advertisements has definitely influenced her art.
She discovered her passion for sculpting in 2012.
Her artwork reflects that briefness and concision of the publicity messages, that have to communicate a story in just a few words. Her sculptures are also strongly influenced by pop art. Having the human figure as the main subject, all her works try to reflect either real or unreal situations and they include a kind of surprise that pretends to attract attention and provoke some emotions, mainly by using a colour detail and creating unexepected situations.
A social criticism underlies some of her works, specially when it comes to topics like consumerism, sexism, etc.Love is in the air The fallen angel 1 The fallen angel 2Black Friday okPROUCTO DE LA TIERRAPlaying artPlaying art 2foto para webPORCA MISERIA