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Marijan Muskinja – Swimmingpool

Series of paintings, “Swimming Pool” is a visual experiment with composition, color relationships and the play of light.

The phenomenon of water as a source of life and the substitution of the pool for the entire ecosystem and the starting point in the development of all life on the planet. The figure in motion symbolizing the beginning and creation. Fascination with realistic shapes that provide an abstract image in the game of light and refraction, is achieved in the movement of water.


Swimmingpool 1 Swimmingpool 2 Swimmingpool 3 Swimmingpool 4 Swimmingpool 5 Swimmingpool 6 Swimmingpool 7 Swimmingpool 8 Swimmingpool 9 Swimmingpool 10 Swimmingpool 11