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Mario Sánchez Nevado | Illustrator and Art Director

Mario Sánchez Nevado (Barcelona, 1985) is a Spanish freelance Illustrator and Art Director focused in developing artworks and packagings for music bands and publishing houses all over the world, from his studio Aégis Illustration.




With a solid style, his conceptual art works on bringing an emotional impact to the viewer, creating tales about universal ideas and feelings easy to relate to. His usage of colors is the key of creating atmospheres that are catchy but ambiguous at the same time, meanwhile a critique to society and politics is usually found between the lines, as well as the roles we develop as emotional human beings in an historical era dominated by superficiality. His striking collection is deeply woven with bold narratives that allow the viewer to create their own vision of what they are seeing. Part magical storyteller, and part sober messenger of society’s ills, Mario’s works begs for a deeper consideration of the world around us.



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Via https://www.facebook.com/aegis.illustration/timeline  , https://www.behance.net/Aegis-Illustration

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