Ballpoint Pen Illustrations by Mark Powell

Mark grew up in West Yorkshire and went on to study Fine art, drawing and painting at Huddersfield University.

He enrolled one day by accident. He decided to look around the studios of the university having lost his job that morning. He began a conversation with who turned out to be the department head and one thing followed another and within a couple of hours he was enrolled to study. After graduation he was invited to America to have some painting shows on the west coast, which went well. A few years of painting in Leeds led to few more shows but nothing too great. He decided to move to London which took only a few days to complete. After working many more jobs he switched from main painting to drawing and was then ‘discovered’ by an American website that turned out to be quite popular. In a matter of hours he had sold all the work he had and had offers of shows around the world. He now spends his time drawing as much as possible and travelling.






Here is some random information about Influences…etc…


My main influence if jean Michael basquiat. Its not so much his style that influences the drawings I make but the fact he drives me on and pushes me to do something better. Chuck Close drives me to create better drawings simply because of his technique.


I have chosen to use a biro as it is the most common tool I can find which means I can show what can be done with such things. I hope it shows what anyone can do, art supplies are not always needed to create something. I also like that fact that no mistake can be made.


The canvas I have chosen has a history and a hint of a story, much like the faces that I choose to draw. They compliment each other and I hope leads the viewer to wonder, and maybe create, a history for the two. I rarely connect the portrait and ‘canvas’ as they are both strangers to me.

A drawing can take between 4 hours and a month depending on size and amount of detail needed.

My motivation is constant. To simply create and I hope to, one day, impress myself.

Ive been working as a full time professional artists for 3 years.

I studied at huddersfield university in fine art painting and drawing.

Last year I had around 30 shows.

I used to work on giant paintings that would be more like jean Michael basquiat. But I have always like to draw portraits.

I still use many different types of paints but for drawing its mainly biro.

I only ever use bic biro medium as it’s the most common pen.

When I was growing up I had nothing to do other than draw. I would copy Garfield comics and the like. But my influences now are Jean Michael basquiat and Chuck Close.

I wanted to add history to my work and this was a good way to do that.

I work mainly from photographs but I do love a sketchbook.

It will take between 4 hours and a month depending on size etc.

Im still trying to perfect the biro drawing but I have many other things I will do too, painting etc.

I have a few shows soon which I will put on either my website or my Facebook page.