MARTINHO DIAS | painting realities from reality

MARTINHO DIAS, (b. 1968) is a visual artist from Portugal.

My work moves, above all, in a social and political criticism inside a contemporary reality.

I select, change the context and manipulate images, essentially from the press and popular magazines seeking to create a new suggested reality – a new narrative, open to the viewer. These are my “models” to make pictorial compositions, which are the substrate of representations of figures and bodies, seen as an inevitability of daily life.



The Accused (Available at: coARTco – Contemporary Art Collections – Porto, Portugal)




Hercules C-130


Gulliver 3




There are Chicken on Sunday


Glory Barge


Gulliver 2




Anatomy lesson of appliances (after Rembrandt)




Cardinals Stairs


Ecce Homo


The Head of Medusa and other Mortals


From the ground rises all, even we get up # 1


Hymn of Notes


About state of culture


The Boss


I Asked an Angel and sent me an Archangel


Drawer (after Vermeer)


Gabriel’s Annunciation to an ordinary Sheep


The Racing of Captain Cocq, (after Rembrandt) Available at: coARTco – Contemporary Art Collections – Porto,


Bacchus Rebuked


Food Bank


Yellow File


After knockout (KO)


Savings account


Summary Judgment





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