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MBG works of art by Matt Brown

MBG or Matt Brown Gallery “My work varies to say the least.

I dabble in anything that comes to mind and I release it onto the canvas. Getting a message across while providing a source of entertainment is key! I look at movies like the first matrix, entertaining, yet thought provoking. I mostly use acrylic on canvas.

Goldmouf Givenchy 2– 48×72 is the latest edition to my gallery and number two in the Givenchy series.

Megaman Protest — 48×52 with all the protesting going on about what lives matter, I felt it necessary to include living artists in the debacle

Allergic to Bullshit — 48×60 I don’t watch much tv…

Salma — 48×48 is a portrait of Salma Hayek on birch wood

Art Eternal — 30×40 is a representation of how art was and always will be (urbanized buildingscape)

Popping Bottles — 48×60 Is a depiction of F1 race car driver, Lewis hamilton celebrating a championship (my version of pop art)”

Matt Brown originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Brown now resides in Santa Barbara, California,USA.Brown first started to get really serious about art about five years ago, and he’s since won awards for his graffiti-inspired work. For Brown, painting is a visceral, emotionally-driven act that connects him to the world at-large: “Painting for me is a creative outlet. The urge to create something out of nothing is so strong. Producing art helps me feel like I’m contributing something good to society.” From MBG

More: http://Www.themattbrowngallery.com/