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What is Meamorphism?

Meamorphism is a ground breaking new art movement
developed by internationally known artist Ali Meamar in collaboration with Sony Corporation. This art movement combines traditional “fine art” making with the newest digital media technologies. Meamorphism pieces are created using Digital Canvases that provide the user with a dynamic viewing experience and that can be manipulated by the viewer. Each Meamorphism piece allows the viewer to see infinite variations of the artwork.
Our Mission is to promote the Meamorphism art movement into educational communities. We will achieve this by teaching the Meamorphism techniques and technology at the college and high school levels as well as in after-school programs.
By combining traditional art making with digital technology that most young people use on a daily basis, we strongly believe that Meamorphism will attract students back to art classes. Meamorphism will engage the young people in creation and innovation exercises. As the program develops many after-school programs will initiate classes for Meamorphism, which will allow to keep the youth off the streets and potentially safer and away from drugs. Many charity programs deal today with hunger but few programs deal with keeping the soul of our young generation healthy. Meamorphism is one such program.We need additional funding sources to help us finance the deployment of Meamorphism in the youth communities and especially in the high schools and colleges. This funding will be used to start pilots in the education community.
www.meamorphism.com ,www.meamorphism.org, www.artpeople.net, www.artpeoplegallery.com

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