Means Sans Typeface | Ah Eneah

Means Sans Typeface | Ah Eneah.

Means Sans is the aftermath of battle between the digital and the analogic world that I face daily. The passion for the graphic design and stitching blend and comes out a typeface. From digital to manual and from manual to digital, this type is created to jump between them.



Means Sans Typeface | Ah Eneah

Means Sans Specimen Cover

Means Sans is a typeface created to be embroidery. There is no serifs and the letters are geometric, modular and semi condensed. The main characteristic of this typeface is the fact that it is constructed only with straight lines to be easily embroidered. There were developed two weights: medium and light.

Means Sans Typeface | Ah Eneah

Means Sans Specimen – History


Means Sans Specimen – Letter Size


Means Sans Specimen – Letter Anatomy


Means Sans Specimen – Characters Map medium weight


Means Sans Specimen – This is not a print


Means Sans Specimen – End of the story


Means Sans in use – Medium


Means Sans in use – Light



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