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Mee Hyun Kim Artworks

Mee Hyun Kim


Humanity is bombarded with threats and life chaos.  But, it does not mean there are no meaningful experiences.  We struggle, but there is a use, purpose, or connection to the choices we make.  There are times where it is more noticeable then not, but altogether the signs are evident.  There are also times, when we are bound by temptation or negative forces, but in the end lies a plan rooted and characterized for all.  This piece also represents the spiritual warfare that happens to be challenging no matter what our present state may be.  The melancholy and lonely disposition that may only be relieved through the constant search for truth.


There truly lies an evil aspect to life along with the good.  In this piece, I wanted to express the difficulty in being entrapped or when in the grip of a conscience that is not so positive.  The figures enclosed are represented to show deceiving and convincing that direction may be.  Many times we breathe or speak of nothing but pessimism.  It not only deters the way of life, but affects our inner being, too.  No matter the power and persuasive choices we may be given, there is room for change and light.  The choices we make are defined by our spiritual tendencies.


Birds are often times celebrated or their beauty, essence, and ability to fly.  There are those like the ostrich, which on the other hand in comparison to the typical bird, is considered ugly and cannot really fly.  I favor that part of the ostrich, because they are visually unique to look at and their “ugliness” makes them more appealing as a bird species.  So, I put them on a stand they are hanging as would part of a circus or carnival.  The patterns in the background represent their personalities.  All in all, my message is no matter the outward appearance, there lies meaning and depth to everything.

life and beyond

The meaning of life is skewed into many paths. There is always an adventure, event, or opinion that accounts for something we choose to do. This piece represents the growth and eagerness to progress. Progress can sometimes be hard to come by, but effort is the key to sustain it. Effort no matter how small or large can build a foundation. The gold and silver tree is the balance that allows for the animals to maintain their stability. I hope to express that nothing is permanent. Everything is integration, and eventually all creation will transcend into something higher or reach a destiny.

Mee Hyun Kim