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meital ashkenazi

Independent artist Lives and works in Israel

My motivation for creating is a quest to discover who I am as a person and the ability to express myself and explore the place in terms of technique and material.
I am also inspired by the wisdom of the Kabbalah,when I start painting there is usually an image or word that acts and directs me towards the development of an idea, while still leaving room for spontaneity.

My work deals with nature, people and the relationship between them. I am also interested in turning points in life i believes that it is the key to personal growth. and also spiritual exploration.

The technique that I create is mixed media.The lines are primary.Threeds are knotted and form a three dimensional space.(to sew the drawing).

The pattern that is constantly recurring in my creations are small lines which form a net. .
Two points become a line, there is a connection between them. They can be in stress, fall apart and shattered and also be in unity
The ambition is to be in balance, the existence of both of them in me in the material and spiritual

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