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Melanie Arcand Art

Melanie Arcand Art:

Melanie Arcand |  I’m a visual artist who uses paint as its main medium. My process is focusing on the application of colors. My reflection is oriented towards their interaction; how they light up, enhance or alter themselves. Fascinated by their perpetuous way to change and renew, I try to understand and analyze them in order to create deep and banlanced paintings.

My work has always been abstract with an attention towards the relation between colors. With time, my work is tending to a more specific research about the natural ressources that surround me and that I use when I paint.


tenthousandvillages,Art by Melanie Arcand

Art by Melanie Arcand

Mémoires de vancances II ,Art by Melanie Arcand

Art by Melanie Arcand

Mémoires de vacances ,Art by Melanie Arcand

Art by Melanie Arcand





Art by Melanie Arcand

I am interested in raw materials for their formal qualities, which on the canvas is depicted by textured organic spaces obtained randomly. Details are added between the large masses of color. It creates a more complex composition but it also links the different shapes. Those shapes find a balance when they are related together, it creates a coherent space. This coherence recalls the elements of nature that despite their individual complexities harmonize to create balanced whole.

The choice of materials used in my paintings is an integral part of my practice and my research on natural materials. I work with chalk paint, recycled paint, pigments and natural varnish. To be consistent with my vision to respect nature, I throw away my waste responsibly and I try to find alternatives to polluting habits. My paintings are in addition to being organic compositions recalling nature, a reflection of my values through them.


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