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Melisa King | Quintessence of Life

Melisa King:

I look for “Quintessence of Life” in every object of my painting. For me, the best way to represent this is by nature and living beings. That’s why I like to paint and re-experience plants, animals, landscapes, the sea, the sky and the people. In that way I believe I have a chance to grasp the feeling of the the beauty of the creation. We all breathe together, so why not celebrate this beauty on a painting? So, paintings are celebrations for me. I like to share the excitement of colors and shapes of the existence which is beyond my imagination.



Hornbill, 100x150 cm, Oil on canvas, 2016

Bird of Paradise, 100x120 cm, Oil on canvas, 2016


Lines between Heaven and Earth, 70x100 cm, Colored pencil on paper, 2015



Valley, 70x100 cm, Colored Pencil, Dry Pastel, Watercolor on Paper, 2015

Tomorrow Sun will Rise Again, 100x70 cm Kağıt üzerine kuru kalem, pastel, iran mürekkebi, 2015

Melisa King | Quintessence of Life #artpeople

Melisa King

Born in Istanbul in 1987, Melisa King is a painter. Throughout her education, she studied painting in Florence, Italy and later she received her MA in Visual Arts and Communication Design from Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.
King currently lives and works in Istanbul.