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Melodrama of Melting Mesmerism | L RAMACHANDRAN

Melodrama of Melting Mesmerism | L RAMACHANDRAN.

 The magical and mesmerical effects in this suite of works, depicting the sensational melodrama that strongly appeals to the emotions. The artist creates spellbinding art forms that fascinates the viewers and makes them to travel along with the concept. The artist cum photographer wants the viewers to connect soulfully with the concept to discover the differences in the “similarity”. Each creation is a curious amalgamation of conservative and contemporary work of art.
The spectator who walks across find the imagery will flaunting them with eerie transformations from one picture to another but retains similarities which comprises of Gothic attributes like the dark and intense ambiance, unusual atmosphere, black clothing, laces,long veils, smoke and candles. The protagonist fulfills the artist’s ardour by her alluring features and countenance but still remaining an enigma to the viewer. “Melodrama of Melting Mesmerism”, the techniques and artistry occupied by L Ramachandran in terms of lights, shadow, reflection, ingenious makeover and art direction would traject the passer- by into his surreal psychedelic world of mysteries.
 Description :
Flowers are known for their fragrance and tenderness, candles for their light and alluring sweet incense. They both are characterized as a symbol of peace, positivity and energy. They are a sign of good vibrations that would set us up in the mood for love. On the other hand, we fail to contemplate the sacrifices they both make. Flowers give up its life and makes the ambiance admirable. Candles immolates itself to give light and casts off the darkness that surrounds. The candle melts shapeless if burnt and a displeasing odour spreads if we burn a flower.
With these features, the photographer correlates these elements with the inner fathomless emotions that women handle. Artist illustrates the enigmatic side that a woman, a tender elegant creature, would turn into when her soul is set on fire. Her vibrant colors change into darker shades as the fire fills her soul.This set of conceptual creation clearly depicts the situation where independent women empower themselves to brave the negative influence of society, customs, violence, beliefs and superstitions and the circumstances that refuse them their freedom. These constraints sets her spirit on fire and her “shakti” frantically storms away the unpleasant energies around her.
Back bone of Melodrama of melting mesmerism: 
Photography / Art direction – L Ramachandran 
Model – Manju Shankar 
MUA / Hair – Reena paiva
Fashion accessories designer – Tharansia
Creative director – Shakila Banu 
Post production – Raju Srinivasan
Producer – Sunitha Ramachandran


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