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I Merged Animals With Their Own Environments Into A One Crazy Simple Picture.

My name is Alexis, I’m 18 years old, live in Paris and practice double exposure.

For this serie of ” Animals and their environments “, I was inspired by documentaries that I watched about wild life of animals and their environments which surround them, I was amazed by some lost silents and quiets places where lived these animals and where the humanity was almost non-existent.
One day I wanted to merged these 2 elements ( animals and their environments ) into a one simple picture through the double exposure technique.
I saw that this process had already been realized by others artists, so I decided to work harder to obtain a different look, different design, and obtain a very original result, very pleasant to look at and reminding a process between the painting and the photography.
I’m very happy of how it finally turns and hope everyone will appreciate the final result :).
( For more of my creations, follow me on Instagram : @nevessart ). 162