Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tezi Gabunia is an artist-engineer. He calls his method Falsification, that is a reflection upon the basic features of the contemporary world, the absolute virtualization. Contemporary visual language studies provides handling and creation of mediums that itself originates a new generation of art wich is a result of industrialized production, not creation. That also abolishes the artist as an original creator. The production process is completely industrialized, which makes massive production in a short time possible. In addition, One of the mediums of Tezi gabunia’s production is a language of virtual exhibition space.

Put Your head into gallery is an interactive hyperreal art  project. The exact model of Saatchi Gallery room is presented as virtual message, it allows anyone to put their head into gallery and become an exhibit. Because of its transportable feature Saatchi Gallery is even more accessible. As the project, in its essence, is interactive and reflects on every social event, here is our virtual message to you – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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