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Metal Root Sculptures by Sun-Hyuk Kim

Metal Root Sculptures by Sun-Hyuk Kim .“My art is a tool to discover the truth and remind myself [and] viewers through various media,”

Root, life, person ● Tree (tree) gives constant talk to human. In the history of art, the landscape that draws the trees is constantly appearing in the paintings. Humans will not be able to defeat the comfort of nature, which can be represented by trees. I also feel the awe of the Absolute while looking at nature. Kim, Hyeonhyeok makes the shape of wood by welding stainless steel. Looking at the detail, the face is expressed, and the lines overlapping the face shape and the root shape are reminiscent of the blood vessel image. As Christian, he said that he wanted to express more healthy and spiritual parts of his work, unlike many of his contemporary works that were shocked by the irritating and dreary images. It also refers to a universal human being who represents himself and toward the God.

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