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“Metamorphosis” Is an ongoing project that stems from my fascination with abandoned structures or ruins, translated as “Haikyo” in Japanese. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, I have continued my pursuit of the desolated structural remains of Asia.

In 2010, I left Scotland to travel to Japan with the intention of photographing “haikyo”. Research and travel, as well as my Mamiya 7, has provided me with the opportunity to seek out and capture images that reflect a deeper understanding of man’s connection with the planet.
Beneath the peeling paint and rust, and between the tangled vines and layers of dust, these structures develop individual personalities when left to the cruel elements and the crippling grip of nature. Time transforms these soulless skeletal remnants, which often exude sinister connotations. It’s almost like their interiors give us a perspective into the past, whilst the exteriors project a glimpse into a possible future.
This ongoing series of photographs represent my own personal view of the world, where I attempt to evoke a sense of fragility that exists between humankind and the natural environment.art1 art2 art3 art4 art5 art6 art7 art9 art10 art8