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MIA MADRID: Feelings and Landscapes

Mía Madrid, is a FineArt/conceptual photographer who lives in Madrid (Spain) since 2012.

She was born in Peru, where she grew up and undertook his professional training. Before photography came to her life, she was an engineer. Nowadays, she feels as a photographer, artist and dreamer. She thinks reality is a concept that fades when you create a picture, that is why her photography is born from a purpose mainly oriented to an artistic creation. She considers that each photograph is a sample of how she sees, feels or perceives the world.

“When I discovered the world of photography, my inner self prompted me to be reborn through photographs. I felt the need to reveal a set of thoughts trying to find a language to communicate with the outside world, a language that was not obvious, a series of codes hidden in symbolic objects, gestures and body positions that could be integrated with nature”

Stranded (2015)

Lady Blue

Chaos (2015)

The start and the end

Ophelia III (2015)

Ophelia III

The hole (2015)

The hole

Furrows (2015)