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Michel with octopus | Tanya Atanasova

Realistic painting by Tanya Atanasova Visual Art.

Tanya Atanasova Visual Arts

Tanya Atanasova was born in Bulgaria.
She studied at the National Academy of Art in Sofia and Sint-Lucas Academy of Arts in Ghent, Belgium.
Currently, she lives in the Belgian city of Antwerp, where she works as a full-time artist in both painting and land-art.
In her paintings Tanya embraces realism as a way to explore the art of the portrait.
Her land-art installations show a strong social and ecological sensitivity.

Michel with octopus | Tanya Atanasova

Michel with octopus | Tanya Atanasova

Antwerp based painter & LandArt artist.www.atanasova.be



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