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Micro sculptures of birds by Marie Cohydon

Micro sculptures of birds by Marie Cohydon.

I love birds for their esthetic grace, and also because they are freed from a certain weightlessness!

Carving under a microscope means that every little tool like a needle becomes huge and a danger for the sculpture in progress. The size of these  birds sculptures varies between 1 and 4 mm.

Paint an eye, I risk at any moment to engulf my sculpture with my painting.
There are several delicate steps in my work : placing the beak of a bird for example , i can start it again 10 or 20 times.

width of the dome : 2 cm

Sometimes I can even block for a week on a detail because it is too small .
It is the art of impossible, that’s why I like it , it’s an exercice of control of frustrations, and it works ! everything gets easier after that!

1 x 2 mm

2 x 1 mm each

2 x3 mm

1 x 2.2 mm each

I have started this work a few years ago, I have made a school art in France when i was young.
You can follow me on my blog : https://littleflyart.blogspot.com
and instagram : https://www.instagram.com/microsculpturefly/

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