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Micro sculptures into pencils lead

Micro sculptures into pencils lead by Salavat Fidai.

I live in the city of Ufa in Russia. I was born in a family of artists and continue the family tradition. I made my first graphite sculptures this year. I find inspiration in comics and movies.Hands

I call their art “micro sculptures from graphite”.



I like graphite. But this is a complex and fragile material. My sculptures are often broken, but I get experience and start again.



I also make micro copies of famous paintings on pumpkin seeds, sunflower and rice. But most of all I like to work with pencils. For me it’s like meditation and a challenge: to make a micro sculpture and not break it! It is indeed very fragile and tiny and that excites me the most. I use a craft knife and a magnifying glass to carve my sculptures.


Nowadays there are many artisans who carve pencils. But for me it is still a great art, and I try to bring each of my sculpture to perfection.




Most of my works you can see on the site salavatfidai.com