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Mihail Korubin- Miho Art

Mihail Korubin-Miho.

Mihail Korubin was born in Skopje in 1986. He is the third generation of visual artists, his grandfather artist Mile Korubin and his father artist Rubens Korubin . He graduated at F.L.U (Faculty of fine arts)- Skopje, Macedonia in the painting department . Mihail completed his master’s degree in painting at the same faculty in the class of prof. Blagoja Manevski.

Passing by the artworks of Mihail Korubin, we start to shunt  through a specific world of mega portraits, known, unknown , imaginative. Their  monumentality is being imposed as a dominant paradigm that sets up the basic sensation between the recipient and the artwork. The viewer becomes the interactive entity in his/her individual perception of the exposed face. Aside from the impressiveness the portraits preach with their stylistic realization that is directly related to the skillfulness of Mihail Korubin to create dynamic colored expression. The color is sometimes fauvistic, wild and  intensive,  and often the complementary mergers of the colorings, posted one by another, shape the form suggesting the third dimension. In his works some frozen action is happening, on some  we can identify, which is the action of the main actors (musicians), and  on the others (because they are in imaginary and undefined areas)  we can only presuppose it in accordance to our individual feeling  ( sadness, rage, resignation, questions, fear, cry etc.). Whatever performance the portrait displays restrained reaction and impression, which emphasize the characteristic dimension of the particular individual and the psychological insight of her/his soul