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A mile in the air perspective by Jim Darling

A mile in the air perspective by Jim Darling

Regularly I utilize the windows of planes as edges in which to see the scenes just past the thick glass—scenes highlighting moving mists, rich inclination skies, and interwoven fields. Jim Darling has taken this thought of the window as casing and made depictions that place the group of onlookers as traveler, showcasing unclear yet nostalgic scenes inside of his built plane windows.

Darling canvases are from this out of this world point of view, painted urban areas, mists, and seas with the intermittent wing inching into the work of art from the far edges. Every work incorporates layered woodwork, acrylic, and vaporized to construct the tromp l’oeil nature of the piece, permitting one to at last experience these climatic perspectives without the turbulence.


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