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Mimesis series | Christopher Slachciak


Mimesis series | Christopher Slachciak:

This series was made in technique, which, after Jacques Derrida, I call “deconstruction”. The idea is to make viewer wonder what he sees, leave some clues, so he can imagine what the idea was. This is an attempt to reverse the order of communication, to show the idea and hopefully individualise what the final figuration is. depending on what viewers imagination suggests him. The technique is basically working on exposed film and binding together initial exposure and handwork usig cutting, burning, scratching etc. To get final effect.









Christopher Slachciak

Christopher Ślachciak, born in 1983, Poznań, Poland. He graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with masters degree in Korean Studies and on Poznań University of Economics he did postgraduate studies in field of Business to Business Marketing with thesis on comertial photography. He is interested in photography since highschool and since 2008 he has run his own commercial photography studio in his hometown. Since 2011 at the invitation of profesor  Wladimir Włoszkiewicz he has been conducting practical lessons of photography, and lectures of composition for the Architecture Department’s students at the Poznań University of Technology. Since 2013 he has run photography section of the Artistic Science Club. Until now he has shown his works during eight collective and another eight indyvidual exhibitions. He has also curated three studens’ exhibitions.

He works with students at Architecture Department of Poznań University of Technology. In photography he is interested in how it influence viewers imagination. Until now his works was exhibited during 18 artistic events.

Apart form photography he also sails, rides a horse nad skies during winters. In students years he raced cars and even won some trophies, but gave it up for taking photos.