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What’s the story? Well, actually…it all just started with a pile of dirty and broken motorbike parts…

Where most people would just simply bin them without hesitation, Tomas Vitanovsky’s genius mind told him otherwise.  He saw a lot more than just oily, retired parts.  He saw… potential and how to use them and give those unwanted scraps a very new and exciting life purpose!

Tomas Vitanovsky’s career did not start as a graduate with a diploma from a fancy art university. Neither was he acknowledged or appraised by a friend of significant importance or celebrity.  He finished school as a qualified car mechanic and after that he had to give up his stunt career, due to suffering multiple injuries, he earned his living within his original trade.  This was until about 10 years ago, when suddenly, his mind of an incredible artist awoke… This was the time when all those gears, started looking more like muscles, organs and bones. Slowly with hours of trial and error, the first amateur little ‘creatures’ were born.

All the magic happened from just old rusty parts, first gently restored and cleaned to bring out their full glory!

With the time, dedication and detail, personality started showing in each of the sculptures giving them the life-like look which Tomas’s artwork is today internationally recognised for.

Tomas enjoys exploring and now works with various metal parts including old tools, car parts, scrap metal, antique watches and signs, and more. He creates a remarkable harmony within sculptures using materials as diverse as tough metal cars parts contrasting with delicate pocket watch mechanism. As these materials working together make a metal beast with a very gentle heart, as could be witnessed in the incredible Lamborghini inspired Bull sculpture!

One of the main differences between Tomas’s work and some of the other metal welding artists is the technique he uses to create each sculpture.  Where on many occasions an artist uses a metal frame first and welds the various parts on top of it. Tomas builds each creature from the centre, welding each of the parts together in the most magical order, so the finish look feels like a perfectly working mechanism of a machine!  This steampunk technique is also one of the key signatures to his work as it gives the sculptures a feel that they are robotic and may come spring to life at any moment when you are not watching. Pictures alone can’t do justice to these pieces. You really need to experience this incredible artwork in real life to feel the tangible charisma and spirit injected to them by their genius creator.

Tomas Vitanovsky has also been working on a few exciting and very special commissions lately, the biggest one can now be seen as a permanent feature to new LC arena in Detroit as a massive Red Wings logo created with parts of Chevrolet cars.

Tomas Vitanovsky talent and his incredible journey, to start creating such an amazing masterpieces while recycling old scrap and succeeding as a metal art artist, has now inspired many others to start experimenting with welding and its limitless possibilities.

Remember when one door closes another one always opens ;)

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