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Miniature painting by Maryam Baniasadi

A series of modern miniature paintings of National college of arts in Lahore.

documentation of the time I spent there for my BFA. as the only foreign student at NCA this gave me the chance to look at things differently and combine it with the background and the culture I was coming from, being Iranian and practising Persian miniature painting I got a chance to explore the mughul miniature there, and combine it with the things i had learn before.

My miniatures are landmarks of myself journey, by these paintings I want to record my past and the real places that I have been to, this was followed by old miniaturist.

Displacement provoked me record my own life in miniature, and combine it with my childhood memories and the background which I came from.

Showing the activities in my painting is the important part of my composition, and giving life to each object as an important part of my work. I never look upon the objects as mere soulless.

My subject is contemporary, and the technique is traditional.