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Miniatures made from cardboard and paper.

My Name is Hubert Lengdorfer I’m 22 years old. I’m Building miniatures from cardboard and paper.

I live in a very small country Austria Salzburg. It is very beautiful here but I would love to share my artwork with the world!  I make small houses and rooms without plan (no kid)  from cardboard an paper. All what you see in the Pictures is mdae by myself! I love to build victorian houses.  And antique stuff. I really love what I do I Need for one model approximately 320 hours. I also use no scale for my miniatures I only work with my eyes and Feelings. https://www.facebook.com/ARThubertLengdorfer/photos_stream?ref=page_internal


This is a miniature from the Titanic grand staircase , it is the the staircase from the first class! And I think this was my largest and most time talking project so far! Every step form that peace was a really difficult part, for example the dome I was needing such a long time to find out how I’ll make that. But I think it turns out really
Titanic grand staircaseHubert Lengdorferimage