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Minifigs/ maxilife

I am Sofiane Samlal or Samsofy, a plastician photographer from Lyon (france)  born in 1981. I began my work in extreme sports photography in urban areas.

Under the influence of geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused around the very appreciated small yellow characters.
I combine the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installation to deliver a message, which often mixes fun, humor and poetry.
In my microcosmos I like to play with scales and matter in order to alter perception. I try to take pictures that mixes the extremely big and the microscopic to help the naked eye discover what one can’t see usually.
I used to play a bit with them as a child like most kids used to. Then working in a toy-center I was already photographying small toys.
When my son was born I decided to stop working to take care of him, and to keep myself busy during naps I decided to create universes with my lego.
I like the customizable option that lego offers and the infinite possibilties it allows.
It is an occupation which over time has become more and more important, It’s now my full-time profession.
Through my photographs,I would like to share my world to a wider and diverse audience.



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