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Minimal Photography in pastel colors by @french__laura

Put simply, I’m a photographer from France inspired by minimalism, forms and colors. With a little luck and mistakes, I create some collections of artworks and I hope you like it.

I see a picture like a poem of a good memory.

« Architecture is a source of inspiration and I like compose my pictures with urban elements and a minimal aesthetic.
Speaking visual style, color is one of the most important elements I’m looking for when I take and edit photos. I like to experiment with contrast of simple details paired with dreamy pastel hues.
I’m mostly fascinated with the beauty of architecture and candid street scenes.
When I have a camera with me it’s like a reminder that we just need to look up to see beautiful things »
Laura Sanchez (@french__laura) is a French photographer living in Paris. Her minimalistic compositions highlighting symmetry and pastel tones reveal the beauty of urban architecture or draw poetic scenes. Laura started her photography journey in 2020.

Urban facade on blue sky with a bird. Minimal photograph pared with pastel colors and geometry. Paris, France.

Bird Geometry

Geometric architectural forms in urban environment with steps pattern. Abstract and graphic photograph with a minimal aesthetic. Paris, France

Five Steps

Minimalistic Ferris Wheel in the Tuileries Gardens on a blurred pastel sky at sunset. Pink to blue gradient of colors. Paris, France

Pink Wheel

Minimal photograph of a silhouette walking behind a colorful wall in Paris. The Eiffel Tower in the background and a soft blue sky. Paris, France


Yellow facade structure under a blue sky. Minimalistic architecture photograph with a retro look and a geometric aesthetic. Paris, France.

Yellow Building

Minimalistic and architectural photograph of two colorful facades with geometric lines and a blue sky. Provence, France

Color Geometry

Street lamp on blue sky aligned with a bird and a cloud. Minimal photograph pared with pastel colors. Paris, France.

Bird Cloud

Colorful building facade with tiny windows pattern on a bright sky background. Minimalistic photograph with pastel tones. Paris, France.

Pastel Tower

Pastel Tower Bird Cloud Color Geometry Yellow Building Duo Pink Wheel Five Steps Bird Geometry

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