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The minute warp of my inner soul Drawing by Andrea Rollo

The minute warp of my inner soul Drawing by Andrea Rollo

Il minuto ordito del mio animo interiore – the minute warp of my inner soul

Rigel stella gigante blu – Rigel, giant blue star

Così è se vi pare – So it is if you care

Betelgeuse – Beetlejuice

Stato d’animo nr.1 – Mood nr.1

Esplosione di antimateria – Antimatter explosion


Il vaso e i fiori – jar and flowers

La situazione mediorientale – Stato d’animo nr.2 – Mood nr. 2 – Middle east situation

Lo stato di grazia – The state of grace

Rocce o minerali – Rocks or minerals

Il minuto ordito del mio animo interiore – It happens in everyone of us life to have a moment of grace. A moment without a precise duration, during wich we miss nothing, and even if we miss something, we feel it will arrive in due time. In this short, loger for someone lucky, moment, we feel like inside bulletproof glass bell and highest level of concentration can be reached. It was 2001 and in my life there was the first serious girlfriend, a future based on university and glorious leadership positions, because i naively believed in university with all myself. There was serenity in having a quite family, without worries and contrasts. Like for a miracle, so, i managed to look inside myself like i never have to do after. Usually i don’t understand my drawings, neither i do a lot of attempts to reach a common understanding, but this case is different, because i know what i represent on the sheet: my soul in this period. A dense fabric, intensely built on itself, concentric without heelings, chaotic but organized. Everything is moving, everything is precarious, but composition is absolutely steady. No fear, no stress, none of that set of feelings that’ve would prevent me to draw every line like it’s drawed. I’m astonished by this work details, realized ith a common silver high part, with low part Parker pen, so fashion 10 or 15 years ago.