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Mire le Fay and her Creatures

I am Mire le Fay, I would like to cheer up your eyes and your soul with my colours and my fantasy.. if what you are glimpsing moves something in your heart come to meet me...

Mirella live with her family (her husband Stefano, her kids Amanda and Davide and her dog Holly) in a little countryside near Venice..

Since she was a child she has been feeling a strong passion for drawing and for all the colours that she see. However the wish to become a stylist or a cartoonist (she is passionate of anime) lie in an accountancy school, imposed by her parents.

Her life brings her to work in a factory and like a demonstrator curbside, but in her drawer never fails pencils, markers and crayons.. she doesn’t want split of them. In her heart she feels that they are a part of her.

Suddenly art comes back in her life. She begins to attend courses on-line and she impassions to mixed media art and to journaling art.

And here she is, with all her desire to create. Passion and determination of a 36 years old woman still able to follow her dreams. Headstrong, strong and determinate, she never gives up.. if she believe, she know she is able to succeed.

Her works are full of magic and mystery. Her creatures get out from fantasy worlds. The same worlds, in which she sheltered herself when she was a child, in her difficult moments.. She draws creatures that fantasy sent her to take her out of the darkness. Her hands, when begin a work, aren’t able to secede to the painting till she is crossed by a sense of exhilaration and peace.

This is what she wants to do in her journey. Follow her.. You will not regret it!

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