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Mirrored Tress

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Just October last year, I have been diagnosed with Persistent Depressive Disorder and was admitted to a psychiatric ward. Now, I have Bipolar I Disorder and I want to disseminate mental health awareness and hope to stop the unending stigma through my Mirrored trees. This is inspired by Rorschach inkblot test and my fascination with trees and mirrors. This is a series of photos I took that challenge the audience to tell what they see, to conjure up little details that other people can’t, to let their astounding imagination and visual interpretation emerge. This is an interactive art.  12039521_913619998708577_329588725633531563_n 12065870_913621052041805_8911818337201197397_n 12118874_913619015375342_7784096693629513504_n 12190877_913620595375184_1873257657838469341_n 12196070_913620015375242_8789615435997047369_n