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Mix Art

Even though i prefer images to words when it comes to expressing myself,

I’ll try to give you an idea of what it is that I do. It all starts with a single click and then, thousands follow. That’s how I define experience; thousands upon thousands of clicks and hours upon hours invested in capturing life into time capsules of photos and videos.  I put together frames to gently embrace emotions in my pictures. To make a film, i seamlessly stitch pictures together to tell a story. I’ll enhance or tone down colors, or even give a vintage accent to the story in order to put my signature on it. A part of my soul lies in every single one of my projects and this is how I define passion for creation. 

With my work i’m combining still images and videos in one single image. i had the idea when i start imagining of moving paintings.

My coffee is cold


The traveling companions


My soup is spicy


American Gothic


Whistlers Mother


Gustav Klimt The Kiss