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Mixed Media by Maryse Lortscher

maryse lortscher


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  • French native, Masters in Fine Arts in painting and drawing. I lived in France, Switzerland as well as in Niger, Mali, Senegal, Haiti, Egypt, Algeria, Oman and Indonesia. I studied printmaking, painting and drawing.
  • Bio
    Born in 1952 in Algiers, Algeria then a French colony. Have been leaving overseas since she joined the Volontaires du Progrès in 1973 and went to Niger. She also has lived in Mali, Haiti, Oman, Senegal, Indonesia, Egypt as well as in many states in the US including Alaska. Actually back in Dakar, Senegal. Studied Fine Arts in the US and earned a BFA and an MFA in printmaking, drawing and painting. She has been exhibiting since the early 80s and her works are in collections private as well as public. She likes to deal and explores new venues with different media and is getting more and more involved in creating collages and assemblages.

    Est née a Alger en 1952. Elle part comme Volontaire du Progrès au Niger en 1973 et depuis vit outremer. Elle a séjourné au Mali, en Haïti, en Oman, au Sénégal, en Indonésie, en Egypte et aussi dans plusieurs états aux US dont l’Alaska. Elle est de retour au Senegal. Elle a obtenu une maîtrise en Arts Plastiques, concentration dessin, gravure et peinture, aux USA et expose depuis les années 80. Ses tableaux font partie de collections privées et publiques. Elle continue de peindre et dessiner et de créer des collages et assemblages.