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MLBimagery E·the·re·al

3 Faces of Man Passing Through SYNC Moving Forward Common Core Left Behind

This collection of Digital works by Artist | Photographer Mike Lee was created to celebrate a global shift in perspective. The human at its core is only a reflection of what surrounds it. The images seen here were designed using a combination of digital photography & 3D model constructs stacked into a final scene.

The number of layers varies piece to piece but on average it’s around 35 different layers. Having spent the past 10 years in the study of Photography I have amassed a huge archives of content. While I do study in Astrophotography most all the astro imagery is from a NASA public source collection with free rights to use.

My work is about perspective, reflection & casting a positive vibe out into the world in hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. I am Retired Veteran of the United States Army who has seen his fair share of what hate & anger brings to the world. I have struggled most of my life with the demons that follow such behavior & decided that I would use my love of Art & Photography as my medium to focus on the goodness and beauty our world delivers to all of us each day.

One must make it a point every day to engage in higher level thinking, if they expect to grow beyond a child, once the kids catch up it’s too late for you.