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Modern indoctrinated fresco’s

Selftaught artist and fine artphotographer Mariska Karto created modern indoctrinated fresco’s.

“In my frescoes, you can see chaos, melancholy, death, and also love asks its sacrifices in my frescoes. That’s what we see with our eyes.

In reality, you see the reflection of eternal struggle. It’s the battle of life itself.
In the middle of this chaos, in this massive entanglement, there seems to be no solution, hopelessness. No prospects.
But, by placing the viewer outside of the framework of the fresco, another different perspective exist. A perspective which enables us to find tools, right in the middle of this hopelessness.
We find tools to let life win back its territory.”
You can visit her fresco’s (and angels) large size in Smash Gallery from 12 september – 10 October in San Francisco.
My website: Mariska Karto
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