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‘Modular’ series of oil paintings triggered by six months of everyday meditation | Anita Kucharczyk

‘Modular’ series of oil paintings triggered by six months of everyday meditation | Anita Kucharczyk

Anita Kucharczyk (b. 1990) is a Polish multi-disciplinary visual artist whose light-based artworks are deeply connected with their environment. With her meticulous study of site-specific lighting, she blurs the line between fine art, new media art and exhibition space.

“Modular is a series of paintings in which I study the interdependence of attributes; color to color, shape to shape, form to form. I contrast distant perfection and immediate imperfection–mechanical precision and human error, sharpness and blurriness. Colors rhythmically form a spectrum, as if pulsating,” Anita explains. Follow Anita on Instagram.

The pieces are designed as individual modules that can be arranged in numerous ways: together or apart, rotated or mirrored, mixed or matched. Uniform color palettes, forms and dimensions enable a multitude of exhibition layouts.

Over a six-month period each canvas was covered with dozens of thin layers of oil paint, egg yolk and wax. This slow yet methodical process eventually built the colors up into exquisitely vibrant gradations.

The minimalist character and consistency of the series enables the viewer to meditate–undistracted–on its essential nature, maximizing the intensity and strength of their experience. The simpler and the clearer the form is, the greater and deeper the impact it has. Anita says, “I want the viewer to feel once, but look twice”.

Anita Kucharczyk holds two Master’s degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles as an Art Director at The Experiential Co. Her prominent art forms include painting, installation and projection mapping, works of which are held in private collections in both the US and Poland.

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