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Monochrome Imaginings


This body of work celebrates life, death and the memories that fill our journey.  The imagery and techniques are a way for Natasha to contrast the certainty of completion with the nakedness of beginning. Using these apposing forces to create serenity and beauty, ignites our dreams and passion for the future.


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Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, during times of immense social and political change,  shaped Natasha’s view on the wider world and how she reflects it in her art.  Her work aims to draw a visceral response, educating, challenging and engaging the viewer on issues overlooked or intentionally avoided, while at the same using its beauty to uplift the spirits.

Natasha’s passion for art is in her DNA…she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t designing, painting, drawing, sewing or sculpting. Her studies of the history of art and theater began at an early age, exposing her to a multitude of art forms and their rich traditions. Amongst her greatest influences are Rembrandt van Rijn, René Magritte, William Kentridge, Frank Auerbach, Andy Warhol, Chuck Close and Nesta Nala, all great artists in their own rights, yet quite distinctive in their styles. The result is an amalgamation of techniques, materials, color, and subject matter that inform Natasha’s pieces.

Working mostly with charcoal, oils and acrylics, Natasha is able to combine the raw and uncompromising expressiveness of charcoal, with the subtle nuances of oil and the lush vibrancy of acrylic, to produce her unique creations.   Often her works include the suggestion of handwritten messages, reflecting her thoughts and emotions during the creative process. Techniques such as exposing patches of virgin paper and working in graduated series, are a way for Natasha to contrast the certainty of completion with the nakedness of beginning.

Natasha’s works hang in prestigious private and corporate collections, both in South Africa and across the world, and have often been featured in lifestyle, design and architectural magazines.

Her recent travels have invigorated Natasha’s desire to push her creative boundaries once more, in experimenting with new techniques, materials and subject matters, and she is excited to incorporate her new adventures into her art forms.