MONOCHROME VISIONS | Panos Vassilopoulos

MONOCHROME VISIONS | Panos Vassilopoulos.

I am a  drummer and photographer , so take a look at my drumming website here : There you can find info about my musical activities  plus some more musical escapades :-)  WWW.PANOS-ONLINE.COM

MONOCHROME VISIONS | Panos Vassilopoulos MONOCHROME VISIONS | Panos Vassilopoulos

A series of monochrome images , with emphasis on lights and shapes . Some of the images feature Greek dancer Eos Andonopoulou , and some present landmarks from Greece , Holland,and Scotland. The emphasis is on the lighting and the form of each subject , amplified by the use of the “digital dark room”   to transform  , ordinary subjects  , into “fine art” . By removing color , the only thing that remains is shape and light , therefor manipulating these two variables and minimizing distractions the viewer focuses on the clean  end result. The post processing done in Adobe Photoshop  , involves   the manipulation  of  the dark and bright elements of each image , in order to emphasize  its volume and shape.

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