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Felicity Bianca by Dennis Gatz

Moon Dance by Dennis Gatz:

From a seemingly discarded lump of coal, a beauty is forged. From the depths of pain and despair, a pure spirit is born. One to be revered. One to be celebrated. Having withstood want, she stands tall; a shinning diamond. She weaves her triumph into her dance to the moon, illuminating all around her.

This is a story of metamorphosis. A rallying call to look into the future despite your current circumstances. The audacity to pursue that which makes you whole. To scream into the skies and declare that you are worthy. Worthy to be standing in the altar of the stars!

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Ubermensch by Dennis Gatz

Contortion by Emily Peerbolt captured by Dennis Gatz in the style of Josep Sumalla

Ablution: An Album Cover Design for Artist and Violinist Riz Oshe by Dennis Gatz

Fleeting Beauty

Marissa Landis and Nyla Couture conceptual collaboration for Mad Hatter and Alice by Dennis Gatz