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Move on

“The inspiration for the project was the space of international airports. While travelling we spend most of time in a sitting position, which has the negative effect on the human cardiovascular system. Moreover, fatigue caused by long-lasting anticipation for the arrival of a plane takes away our energy.
The objective of the project is to encourage physical activity in not adapted for this public space such as an airport, workplace or shopping centre.
Movable plains perform four different types of movement which force the user to keep their:
– front-back balance
– right-left balance
– balance during circular movement
– balance during “surfing” movement
All the projected plains were made of 18mm very resistant plywood, whereas the mechanism responsible for movement is permanently fixed to the foundation.
Movement is beneficial for health and every physical activity improves our form.
The project is not another piece of furniture in the space of personal space. Movable plains invite and interest the receiver and improve their physical as well as mental state.