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MUGHAM Series Handlettered by Shahin Aliyev






Mughams Sketch Rast2 Shur Segah BayatiShiraz

Mugham is a national music form belonging to the peoples of the East. It is an example of classical music based on oral traditions. Mugam forms the base of Azerbaijan folk music. There are seven main mugham in music of Azerbaijan: “Rast”, “Shur”, “Segah”, “Shushtar”, “Chargah”, “Bayati-Shiraz”, “Humayun”.
This project was used in national ornaments, patterns, carpets and musical instruments of Azerbaijan.
Mugam is performed by trio of  tar, kamancha, and folk singer.
But mughams performed in solo at Azerbaijan national musical instruments is called as “instrumental mughams”.
Works of Azerbaijani composers in its roots are connected with mughams. This is aspect of their national specificity.
Fikret Amirov by composing in 1948 “Shur” and “Kurd-Ovsarı” symphonic mugams had laid a foundation of symphonic mugham music genre in history of world music literature. “Rast” symphonic mugham of well-known composer and conductor Niyazi (1949) is a work created in this genre.