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Muralist Dad Paints Smaug the Dragon in Son’s Bedroom

My name is Tony Stafki and I have been painting murals full-time for eight years.  After hearing my eleven year old son often ask, “What did you paint today?” I decided it was finally time to paint his room.  “What would you like your room to look like?” I asked.  “A pirate ship, a jungle, outer-space?”  “I want Smaug the Dragon from the Hobbit” he promptly said.  “So you want me to paint a giant dragon sitting on 3 billion gold coins???  OK!!  Let’s do it!”.  Everyone knows its hard to do your day job at home (a plumber’s pipes always leak, ect..) and I won’t deny that it was sometimes very difficult to come home and paint some more but getting the opportunity to create an amazing room with my son was definitely worth it.  Over the course of about 3 months we designed the room, sketched it in, painted it and then did a black-light glow in the dark paint over it for added effect!  The result was not only a bedroom he’ll never forget but also many timeless memories together.

"Do you think flattery will keep you alive?"

“Do you think flattery will keep you alive?”

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