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Murals in Shades of Grey by Paola Delfín.

Murals in Shades of Grey by Paola Delfín .

Paola Delfin comes from Ciudad de México. She is best known as a visual artist, as well as a Muralist. Being influenced by illustrations and a mixture of unusual materials, she is as good with a spray can as she is with a brush or a pencil. When it comes to her favorite topic, exploring the feminine sensibility and beauty her artwork simply stands out. Delfin’s works are featured as a part of the opening of URBAN NATION Museum in 2017.

2019, for Proyecto Panorama, Cancun, Mexico. Photo by Gino Caballero
(2019), Resita, Romania. Photo by Sergio Morariu
“Juntos” (2019), Paulino Navarro, Mexico City. Photo by Edgar Olguin
“Èèn” (2019), for The Crystal Ship, Oostende, België. Photo by Arne Deboosere. All images © Paola Delfín, shared with permission
“La emperatriz“ for Shine Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by Michelle Tannu
“Familia/Suku” (2019), for Upeart Festival, Tampere, Finland

“Èèn” (2019), for The Crystal Ship, Oostende, België. Photo by Arne Deboosere

Delfín’s Instagram for more of her large- and small-scale projects, and check out Street Prints to see her work in progress.

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