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Murals & Paintings by Guido Zimmermann (GZ)

Correlation Series by Guido Zimmermann

With his series “Fighters”, Guido Zimmermann hails a new chapter of his painting that deals with the topic of correlation.

We are seeing international politicians out-of-control in parliament, who are physically fighting.

The alleged representatives of society suddenly break out of the mould and turn into a mob that has animalistic features.





fighters_ukraine_4_30x90 fighters_taiwan_30x90_2014_öl_acryl_leinw fighters_türkei_120x85_2014_öl_acryl_sprühfarbe_leinw fighters_ukraine1_65x178_2014_öl_leinw wrestler 1 detail wrestler 1 IMG_0902 IMG_0904 taiwan 2


A Correlation mural in Wittenberg / Germany:

Resurrection of the swan/ 500 years of luther reformation

Posted by Guido Zimmermann – GZ Art on Thursday, May 28, 2015

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